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Website and Blog Promotion for Beginners: A Short Guide to Driving Traffic and Boosting eCommerce Sales

Website and Blog Promotion for Beginners by Samantha Haupt* NEW RELEASE 2016 *
Available on Kindle Unlimited
Find it in ebook and paperback!

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You have a website. What now?

Discover exceptional traffic-driving methods and increase your website sales without having to spend any money on advertising.

Learn about free promotional techniques including:

● How to create urgency and retain customers
● Becoming a trusted authority in your niche
● Best practices of using social media for business
● Powerful customized appearance in search engine results
● Ideal places to publish promotional content
● Effective types of online and offline advertising
● Strategic use of highly targeted keywords
● Successful ways to receive referrals and free advertising
● Top time management and automation programs, sites and tips
●  Bonus! More advertising methods for website owners on a low budget

Need some help growing your business and boosting your website stats? This guide is for you – you’ll learn how to implement the above techniques and many more! The tactics can be applied to websites you’ve opened yourself and to other webpages through which you display your work or sell your products or services.

Dive in today to discover an abundance of easy-to-use strategies perfect for all website owners.

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