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Happy World Photography Day!

Tree-Covered Road

Today is World Photography Day! It’s time to celebrate all of the beautiful photos that inspire us to love and protect our world, its animals and the nature that surrounds us. 

Find stunning photos of nature, wildlife and landscapes at, my stock photo website. Get 40% off today only by entering code WORLD40 at checkout. Don’t forget to visit the blog, where you will find professional photo tips!

Share all of your photography thoughts here, to celebrate World Photography Day! Are you a photographer or know anyone who is? If so, what’s your inspiration? Can you think of any interesting experiences you’ve had while shooting?

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  1. I am an amateur photographer, but when I am shooting I feel myself so right and so nice! I started to deal with photography not so long time ago, but I have already got used to looking at this world differently. Photography changed the “angle of my vision”, I see the details which haven’t noticed before. I started to discover this world and find it pretty awesome. I realized that nature is the best creator!

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    • You’re a great photographer, I enjoy looking at your photos. 🙂 I know exactly what you mean. Photography changes the way you look at the world! I’m the same way – I notice the real beauty of simple things that just seemed to blend into the background before. Now I notice every plant and landscape as I’m outside, as if I’m seeing it all with new eyes.

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      • Thank you so much for your compliment, hope you do not overestimate me, but it’s so pleasant to hear people like my photos, thank you, really! I absolutely agree with you, photography makes our world closer to us and maybe we even understand it better! Thank you for reply and enjoy photographing! looking forward to seeing your photos! Have a wonderful weekend!


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